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Looking to take your passion for flying to the skies of Pakistan and looking for flying school Well you have come to the right place whether you are dreaming of becoming a commercial pilot or simply want to experience the thrill of soaring through the air

Pakistan has a number of exceptional flying schools that can turn your dreams into reality In this blog post well explore the world of aviation in Pakistan and guide you on how to choose the perfect flying school for your ambitions So fasten your seatbelts and get ready for an exhilarating journey into the world of flight

Overview of Flying Schools in Pakistan

Pakistan is home to a thriving aviation industry with several renowned flying schools scattered across the country These institutions provide aspiring pilots with comprehensive training programs and state-of-the-art facilities to hone their skills

Lahore Flying School

  • The Lahore Flying Club was established by a group of committed philanthropists formerly known as the Northern India Flying Club  The establishment of this flying club in 1932 marks the inception of the first aviation club in the Indo-Pak Sub Continent  
  • I have served as the Honorary Secretary of the club for a duration of 8 years In 1950 the PAF supported the club by sending its cadets for abinitio training to the Club   In 1953 the Director General of the Civil Aviation Authority implemented a new Subsidy Scheme
  • As part of this scheme the Club was given the responsibility of educating Commercial Pilots for Pak Air Orient Airways and Crescent Air Transport In 1954 the three Airlines amalgamated to become PIA and the Lahore Flying Club maintained its operations of pilot training for the National Carrier

Credit: Lahore Flying School  Contact Phone: 0300 5040788

Hybrid Aviation Flying Club

  • The foremost exclusive aviation club in Pakistan Hybrid Aviation has been at the forefront of the aviation industry in Pakistan since 1998
  • The organization is overseen by aviation experts that possess an unparalleled enthusiasm Our Company provides a diverse array of aviation services including aircraft charter air ambulance mail delivery air ads and other FBO services  
  • Hybrid Aviation has expanded its services by establishing a flight school to provide high-quality instruction to qualified individuals who want to become pilots this development positions Hybrid Aviation as a comprehensive supplier of aviation services nationwide

Credit: Hybrid Aviation Contact 0321 4409848

Rawalpindi Flying Club

  • Rawalpindi Flying Club RFC is a first-class commercial pilot training academy founded in 1957 RFC office is situated near Benazir Bhutto International Airport Rawalpindi-Pakistan while the flight operation takes place from the new Islamabad International Airport Islamabad Pakistan
  • RFC has trained more than a thousand pilots in different categories Most of these pilots are serving in national airlines charter companies and abroad we help our students improve the skills confidence & experience to attain the hallmark of commercial airline pilots RFC has a history of employing prominent flying instructors having thousands of hours of experience
  • RFC takes pride on having a diverse team of flight instructor from every province of Pakistan RFCs affairs of the club are run by the Managing Committee elected by the Life Members of the club through the process duly approved by the Registrar Joint Stock Companies Rawalpindi under section 4 & 12 of the societies Registration Act XXI of 1860

Credit: RFC Contact (051) 5591565

Askari Flying Club

  • Askari Flying Academy is a training institution that specializes in providing education for aspiring pilots and flight operations officers it is situated near BB International Airport in Islamabad Pakistan
  • Askari Flying Academy AFA is a subsidiary of Askari Aviation which is a venture of the Army Welfare Trust provides training program for those seeking to get a Private Pilot License PPL Commercial Pilot License CPL and Instrument Rating specializes in Glass cockpit aircraft and Red Bird Full Motion Flight simulators AFA further provides the position of Flight Operations Officer

Credit: Askari Aviation Contact (051) 5405161

Multan Flying Club

  • Established since 1956 an autonomous body Multan Flying Club has been contributing in training aerial work and charter since the time of its establishment
  • Multan Flying Club has trained more than 1500 pilots which are serving Pakistan International Airlines PIA – the national flag carrier of Pakistan It has also trained pilots on contract from countries such as Sudan and Jordan for Sudan Airways and Royal Jordanian respectively Nevertheless Multan Flying Club has also taken part in Aerial work and Charter
  • It has successfully covered charter contract with Dhodak Oil Sui Pirkoh Loti Jamaldin Wali companies to name a few It contributed in aerial dropping of leaflets during the season of elections and petal dropping Presently under the patronage by Operations Manager Chief Pilot and Chief Flying Instructor

Credit: Multan Flying Club Contact 0321 6799800

Airborne Aviation School

  • The Professional Pilot Training Centre is located in Walton Cantt Lahore Pakistan We have committed to perpetual progress and ceaseless refinement even in the face of attaining the pinnacle of excellence
  • Airborne aviation aims to provide top-tier aviation instruction to prospective pilots in Pakistan Our staff is committed to providing our cadets with top-notch amenities  
  • We are committed to collaborating wholeheartedly and persisting until our Pakistani Pilots get worldwide recognition for their exceptional contributions Airborne Aviation is committed to providing students with advanced equipment and state-of-the-art teaching facilities
  • In order to ensure that our cadets remain knowledgeable about global advancements we consistently provide training to our personnel and concurrently upgrade our technology

Credit: Airborne Aviation Contact 0308 8887446

Peshawar Flying School

  • The Club was established in 1956 as Guarantee Embarking on this journey requires dedication, hard work, perseverance but most importantly choosing an esteemed institution where dreams take flight! Limited company under the provisions of Companies Act 1913 Repealed ordinance & presently registered with Securities Exchange Commission of Pakistan
  • The Club has produce a record flying of more than 8000 hours in 1994-95 which is the record made by any flying clubs in Pakistan The Club has an honor to train 22 PIAC Flight Engineers as well awarding commercial pilot licenses to the students from abroad
  • The Club has been blessed with the most experienced & well-professional team of Directors comprising the Board of Directors who support & motivate the staff of the Club to produce the best possible results The Chief Executive of the Club is responsible for looking after the entire business affairs of the Club consisting of financial administrative

Credit: PFS Contact (091) 5253754

Air Eagle Aviation Academy

  • Our mother company Air Eagle Pvt Ltd is a project of Shaheen Foundation PAF We are a world-class pilot training academy with ultra-modern facilities contained in a purpose-built campus to ensure you meet your goals
  • At Air Eagle we use state of the art training aircraft and training devices which in addition to high quality of ground and flying training allow us to meet International Standards We are located at the old terminal of Allama Iqbal International Airport Lahore Which is right in the heart of Lahore Cantt This makes our location convenient to most localities of Lahore
Flying academy

Credit: Air Eagle Academy Contact (042) 36685959

Karachi Aero Club

  • The Karachi Aero Club G Limited was founded on July 28 1928 making it the first aviation organization in the subcontinent The organization was established by a collective of individuals with the same objective of providing instruction in the fields of aviation and aeronautical science to both club members and outsiders  
  • The Karachi Aero Club has provided training to a large number of pilots and engineers who have subsequently achieved successful careers in both the national flag carrier and several commercial airlines both domestic and abroad
  • Additionally it is worth noting that it played a crucial role in providing fundamental flight training to Pakistan Air Force pilots during its early stages Several officers who received training from the club achieved the highest positions within the Pakistan Air Force   The Karachi Aero Club had the responsibility of teaching pilots for the Army and Navy aviation wings till the 1980s
flying school

Credit: Karachi Aero Club Contact (021) 34981117

The Importance of Choosing the Right Flying School

When it comes to pursuing a career in aviation choosing the right flying school is of utmost importance It can make all the difference in your journey to becoming a skilled pilot But why is this decision so crucial lets explore

  • First and foremost opting for the right flying school ensures that you receive quality education and training This means having experienced instructors who are knowledgeable in both theory and practical aspects of flying They will guide you through each step of your training ensuring that you develop strong skills and knowledge required to excel as a pilot
  • Moreover the reputation of the flying school also plays a significant role A well-established institution not only provides top-notch training but also holds credibility within the aviation industry This can open up doors for future job opportunities as employers often prefer candidates with training from reputable schools
  • Additionally selecting a flying school that offers modern facilities and aircraft is essential Advanced equipment enables students to gain hands-on experience with state-of-the-art technology used in today aviation industry This exposure prepares them for real-world challenges they may encounter during their career
  • Furthermore consider factors such as location and cost when choosing a flying school Opting for one near your residence or easily accessible can save time on commuting expenses while ensuring convenience throughout your training period
  • Choosing the right flying school sets the foundation for success in your aviation career It ensures top-quality education enhances employability prospects provides access to advanced facilities and saves unnecessary costs associated with travel or relocation

Factors to Consider when Choosing a Flying School in Pakistan

When it comes to choosing a flying school in Pakistan there are several factors that aspiring pilots should consider Accreditation and certification should be at the top of your list Make sure the flying school is recognized by relevant aviation authorities such as the Civil Aviation Authority of Pakistan

  • Another important factor is the reputation and experience of the instructors Look for flight schools that have seasoned instructors with a wealth of knowledge and expertise in aviation Its also worth considering if they offer specialized training programs or have partnerships with airlines for potential job opportunities
  • The facilities and equipment available at the flying school are crucial aspects to consider as well Check whether they have modern aircrafts that are well-maintained simulators for practical training and comfortable classrooms for theoretical lessons
  • Location can also play a role in selecting a flying school Consider whether you prefer studying in a busy urban center like Karachi or Lahore or if you would rather opt for a more peaceful setting such as Islamabad or Rawalpindi
  • Cost is an important factor to take into account when choosing a flying school Different schools may have varying tuition fees and additional expenses such as accommodation and transportation costs Its vital to evaluate your budget before making any commitments

By considering these factors carefully aspiring pilots can make an informed decision about which flying school best suits their needs and goals within Pakistan aviation industry

Cost and Duration of Pilot Training in Pakistan

In this article we have discussed the various flying schools in Pakistan and the factors to consider when choosing the right one

Cost plays a significant role in choosing a flying school Pilot training can be expensive the average cost is around 45K to 50K per hour flying the total estimate cost of pilot training in 2023 is 90 to 95 Lac and duration of training is 2 years but investing in high-quality education will pay off in your future career prospects Its important to compare costs across different institutions while considering factors such as flight hours included in training packages

The duration of pilot training varies depending on individual progress and program structure; however on average completion time ranges from six months to two years Some programs offer accelerated courses or modular options for flexibility based on students availability or financial constraints

Embarking on this journey requires dedication hard work perseverance but most importantly choosing an esteemed institution where dreams take flight

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