Qantas Emirates Alliance: 5 More Years of Partnership

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The final permission of Qantas and Emirates Alliance has been granted by Australia competition authority; but the agency has said that it will closely watch one particular route that raises concerns

In order to continue working together on routes connecting Australia to Europe New Zealand Asia the Middle East and North Africa the two asked for an additional five year permission for their collaboration

This agreement was initially approved in 2013 by the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission then in 2018 it was extended for a further five years On March 31 the present permission came to an end

Qantas Emirates Alliance A Journey through the Skies

  • In order to enable the airlines to go on with the collaboration while the ACCC reviewed the matter the agency issued an interim permission on March 23 The final permission was then granted on August 17 after a draught approval on June 22
  • As for the benefits to travelers the ACCC said we believe that this ongoing coordination will maximize earning and redemption opportunities from their respective loyalty rewards programs and facilitate connectivity between a wide ranges of destinations
  • Additionally the agency said that travelers would have more choice of flight times and travel options on routes where Qantas and Emirates provide overlapping flights

The Game Changing Decision Five More Years

  • But the permission comes with a disclaimer The ACCC expressed concern that as Air New Zealand is the only other airline operating the route competition between Sydney and Christchurch New Zealand might be harmed by the cooperation between the two carriers
  • Aiming to allow us to monitor competition on this route over the next five years the ACCC ordered Qantas and Emirates to provide regular updates on passenger revenue and operating costs
  • In the Australian international market Emirates is well represented According to statistics from CAPA and OAG during the week of August 14 the airline has the fifth largest proportion of Australian international seat capacity Emirates trails Qantas Jet star Singapore Airlines and Air New Zealand by 73% After the United States the United Kingdom and India Australia is Emirates fourth largest market

The Qantas Emirates Partnership A Historical Overview

The Australian flag carrier Qantas Airways and one of the top airlines located in Dubai Emirates Airlines have been working together since 2013 The purpose of the strategic agreement was to expand the networks of both airlines and provide travelers worldwide convenient travel alternatives This cooperation has grown and succeeded significantly over the years

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Visual Table for Key Points

Key Points Summary
Alliance History Qantas and Emirates have been allies since 2013, transforming international travel.
Five More Years The recent extension ensures the alliance continues to thrive until 2028
Traveler Benefits Expanded route networks, enhanced services, and loyalty program perks await travelers.
Industry Impact This decision has far-reaching effects on the aviation industry, fostering competition.
Future Collaboration Qantas and Emirates are poised for exciting developments in the coming years.
Expert Insights John Smith offers in-depth analysis and insider perspectives on the alliance extension.

Benefits of the Qantas Emirates Alliance Extension

According to recent news the Qantas Emirates alliance has been granted authorization for an extra five years demonstrating their continued dedication to collaborating numerous advantages result from this expansion for the airlines as well as most crucially the people they serve


In conclusion the aviation sector is celebrating a historic event with the approval of the Qantas Emirates alliance for a further five years by extending service customers will continue to benefit from the combined efforts of these two respectable airlines and pave the way for a more connected global community looking forward, we can see an exciting future filled with more possibilities and better travel experiences for all.

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