Dnata reduces CO2 emissions in UAE by switching to biofuel

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The annual reduction in carbon dioxide emissions dnata game changing move slashing CO2 emissions in UAE of 80 tonnes equates to driving an average gasoline powered automobile more than 320000 km

Airport and travel services provider dnata a member of the Emirates Group said that as part of its efforts to lessen its environmental impact its business divisions have converted their cars to operate on a biofuel mix saving 80 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually

According to a statement released by the firm on Thursday its brands dnata Logistics Arabian Adventures Alpha Flight Services and City Sightseeing prevented carbon dioxide emissions equal to more than 320000 miles travelled by an ordinary petrol vehicle

Dnata Group CEO Steve Allen remarked we continually investigate and apply emission reduction strategies throughout our fleet and infrastructure to lower our carbon footprint

Dnata promise to reducing CO2

A crucial milestone in our continuous journey is the introduction of biofuel to a broad spectrum of our UAE enterprises It provides a quick and easy way to reduce emissions throughout the fuel lifetime without needing any equipment adjustments

In an effort to achieve its sustainability objectives dnata promised in June 2022 to spend $100 million in green initiatives including infrastructure and equipment

Picture Credit: Dnata

The firm is looking at other energy replacement options after promising to cut its carbon footprint by 20% next year and by 50% by 2030 Mr Allen told The National in July that the $100 million investment would put the company on schedule to meet those targets

According to the business Dnata Logistics has converted 31 of its vehicles at its Dubai hub to operate on a biofuel mix Its fleet travels up to 217000 km every month which according to the company prevents about 35 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually or the emissions of eight gasoline powered automobiles driven for a whole year

The challenges of switching to biofuel

21 open top biofuel buses are used by City Sightseeing Dubai a joint venture with dnata Travel Group on three tour itineraries These go 76000 km on average each month eliminating 32 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually or the amount of power used by four typical houses for a year

In order to support the companies  catering operations which make 25000 meals each day Alphas cars travel 27000km per month Alpha will reduce CO2 emissions by seven tonnes annually as a consequence of the project which is the equivalent of charging almost 850000 cell phones

Additionally Arabian Adventures replaced the generators at its sites for desert safaris to a biofuel mixture As a consequence it reduces annual CO2 emissions by nearly five tonnes


Picture Credit: Danta

More than 15% of Dnata fleet is now electric as a result of investments made in electrifying its ground handling fleet across all of its international airport operations

To optimize environmental and operational efficiency on a worldwide scale it also makes investments in a variety of equipment types and renewable fuel sources It already uses biodiesel in its electric and hybrid cars and it is actively investigating the use of hydrogen in its operational equipment

Dnata Biofuel Initiative Vs Traditional Jet Fuel

Let’s break down the key difference between Dnata biofuel and Traditional fuel

Aspect Dnata Bio Fuel Traditional Jet Fuel
Source Renewable Resource Fossil Fuel
Carbon Emission Lower Higher
Environmental impact Reduced Significant
Sustainability High Low


Practical step for Greener Future

So what we can learn from dnata journey How individual and business contribute to a greener future

  1. Exploring Biofuel Options: Investigate alternative fuels that align with your industry or lifestyle Consider the longterm benefits for the environment
  2. Advocating for Change: Support and advocate for sustainable practices within your sphere of influence whether it’s in your workplace or community
  3. Monitoring Emissions: Track and reduce your carbon footprint Embrace eco friendly technologies and transportation alternatives


Dnata is working with industry players and authorities to handle garbage from international catering while also reducing waste that ends up in landfills by 2024 it wants to divert 20% of its garbage from landfills

Biofuel offers numerous benefits including lower carbon emissions and reduced dependence on fossil fuels It is made from renewable sources such as plant oils or animal fats which makes it a greener alternative to traditional jet fuel

Another challenge lies in the cost of producing biofuels currently they are more expensive than conventional jet fuel due to factors like production scale and infrastructure limitations

By embracing biofuel as an alternative energy source for their operations Dnata has demonstrated their dedication to reducing carbon footprint while maintaining efficient air travel services

In order to further improve our sustainability performance and meet our green operations goals we will continue to invest in our operations including largescale infrastructure solutions according to Mr Allen

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