Boeing Predicts China Will Need More Than 8800 Aircraft By 2042

Boeing Predicts China

With China’s aviation business boeing predicts china expected to develop demand for new aircraft is expected to remain strong


  • Boeing predicts that China will need over 8000 new aircraft in the next two decades accounting for 20% of global airplane deliveries
  • The majority of the demand will be for narrow bodies with over 1500 wide body aircraft also required by 2042
  • The growth of China’s economy and domestic air travel along with the need to replace older aircraft will drive the demand for new planes

Boeing is still optimistic about its predictions for China which it says will need more than 8000 new planes over the next 20 years The US plane maker says that most of the demand will be for single aisle narrow bodies and that China will need just over 1500 wide body planes by 2042

20% of global aircraft demand through 2042

  • Boeing thinks that between now and 2042 China will need 8560 new passenger planes This is about 20% of the planes that will be delivered around the world in the next 20 years The US plane maker has also said that the Chinese airline fleet will grow to almost 9600 planes as the economy grows and more people move especially within the country
  • The statement that Boeing predicts china made about China is similar to the one that Airbus made earlier this year The European company that makes planes said that China would need 23% of the world’s planes in the next 20 years and could buy 9440 more planes by then

A Sneak Peek at the Future Demand

Boeing a renowned name in aviation has recently unveiled its comprehensive analysis of China’s aviation needs for the next two decades the findings are nothing short of astounding as they reveal China’s ambition to transform its aviation sector into a global powerhouse Lets break down some of the key takeaways from Boeing’s predictions in the table below:

Year Aircraft Demand Key Factors
2025 8800 Economic Growth, Increased Travel
2035 10,500+ Expanding Middle Class, Tourism Boom
2042 15500+ Global Connectivity, Regional Expansion

The statistics are trending increasing as you can see the rise of a strong middle class in China that has a passion for travel and discovery is also a major factor in the country’s need for aero planes this aviation revolution is also being driven by the country’s quest for global connection and regional growth

Key projections

Based on its research Boeing said that 6470 of the 8560 new planes going to China in the next few years will be single aisle narrow bodies This is because there is a high demand for travel within China During this time the country will also get as many as 1550 wide body planes There will be 350 requests for regional jets and 190 for freighters

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Two herds of the new planes will be needed by Chinese airlines’ fleet growth plans while the rest will replace earlier planes and cut the aviation industry’s total carbon emissions

All of these new planes will also create jobs Boeing thinks that with this many planes there will be a need for more than 400000 flight workers including 134000 pilots 138000 techs and 161000 people who work in the cabin Just keeping the new boeing predicts china planes in good shape would drive demand for $675 billion worth of flight services

Boeing 737 MAX deliveries still awaited

Photo: aappp/Shutterstock

Boeing’s prediction for China comes at a time when it looks like it’s almost ready to start sending its 737 MAX planes back to China After a four year break it was said in August that the plane maker is ready to send the type to China

China Southern Airlines was the first to start flying MAX planes again when China lifted its ban on them earlier this year It is also expected to be the first in China to get new 737 MAX planes In fact Boeing would like to start sending 737s to China again soon since the strength of the type in that country is a big part of its most recent prediction


In conclusion Boeing’s prediction that China will need more than 8800 planes by 2042 not only shows how much the country’s economy has grown but it also tells the rest of the aviation industry that it needs to change and take advantage of the possibilities this rising aviation giant will bring There is no question that the skies above China hold the future of flying

But this statement also makes me wonder how China will be able to meet this need it includes things like making sure there are enough people working in flying building new bases and supporting facilities and dealing with the problems that come with growth while keeping the environment in mind

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